Introducing the TAILG Jidi - Powered by Kofa. Designed in Ghana, built for Africa.

Jidi - an Akan word meaning "Believe" in Ghana, was created to lower costs, improve your productivity and cut CO2 on a global scale. Built to take on the toughest tasks and terrain, the Jidi is an electric future you can believe in.

Electric Mobility - Powered by Kofa

Energy access and swappable battery technology to power 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers and more...


Introducing our TailG partnership

Merging 2 decades of expertise in EV manufacturing and  a dedication to excellent design, Tail G & Kofa have partnered to deliver sustainable energy vehicles built for Ghana & Africa


Kofa's advanced battery technology and unique software can be used to power and manage electric vehicles for personal and business use.

Starting with motorcycles, we are applying our battery and software technologies to get people moving towards electrification. Immediate, on demand access to fully charged batteries from any Kofa Swap & Go station, allows riders to stay on the move. With petrol-beating performance, super fast swapping, zero charge time, and zero emissions, a motorcycle Powered by Kofa ensures lower running and maintenance costs, safer riding and CO2 savings for your local air, as well as the planet.

Discover motorcycles, Powered by Kofa, below.

Our Mobility Mission.

Advanced battery technologies, smart software and in-house design are combined for optimal functionality, performance and sustainability that can be applied to any vehicle.

Whether it's on land, air or water, two wheels or more, we're ready to power diverse mobility solutions and give them access to the Kofa Swap & Go network.

Read more about our official partnership with TAILG, a global power-house in EV manufacturing, taking on delivering purpose built motorcycles for Africa, designed and powered by Kofa.



TAILG Jidi - Powered by Kofa

Powered by two Kofa batteries, accessible via Kofa's Swap & Go network.

Coming Soon - Deliveries in Q1 2024


Max. Range


Max. Speed


Battery Swap

EV energy access with the Kofa Swap & Go battery network.

A subscription service giving you access to fully charged batteries, on demand, where ever you need it.


Kofa Energy Solutions & Applications

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