Kofa Swap & Go - a growing African energy network bringing clean power closer to you.

Introducing Kofa Swap & Go - A city-wide network of battery swap stations, starting in Accra and growing across Africa that distributes accessible green energy across urban environments without the need for wires and cables.

Our lightweight, ergonomically designed batteries can be used to power multiple applications, such as transportation, off-grid power supplies, electronic tools and appliances as well as serve as back-up power in shops, offices and homes.

Connect via our App based access service, simply visit any Kofa Swap & Go station in the map below, to conveniently swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones in seconds. Kofa monitors the network at all times to ensure constant availability of fully charged batteries at any swap station.

The Kofa Swap & Go Network

A subscription service giving you access to fully charged batteries, on demand, across the city. An ever-growing network to make sure that there is always green reliable energy close to you.

The Kofa Kore2 Battery

Next-Generation Wireless Energy

A cutting edge solution to easy access, on-demand green energy.

The Kore2 battery is an upgrade of the Kore1 with improved features such as:

Our battery advantage


Powerful & Portable

Each Kore2 battery is even more powerful than the Kore1 . With 20% more Capacity in the battery pack you get more time on your vehicle; appliances and more , while still being light to carry.


A True Network

Featuring our proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) technology - the Kore2 Network provides up-to-the-moment information on speed, location, state of charge, temperature and host of other variables - to keep you and your assets secure.



From safety certified cells and battery structures, through to remote temperature monitoring you have access to the safest batteries on the market.



Best of all, Kofa's battery access gives you all of the benefits without the upfront cost or the burden of maintenance and disposal.

Kofa Battery Pack

2.3 kWh


Lithium Ion




Available through a Kofa Swap & Go subscription and pay-per-swap service.

The new Kore2 battery design

With features that enable you to tap into the limitless possibilities that power mobility, off-grid and backup energy applications.

Actionable information right at your fingertips through the Kofa mobile and web app.



Access Options

Manage your Swap & Go access with options to suit your energy applications, usage and budgets. Manage your cash flow on a pay-per-swap basis or buy a bundled swap package.


Swap & Go Locations

See battery availability at every swap station and plan your routes.


Fleet Management

Customers that use vehicles powered by Kofa, manage your entire fleet from the Kofa Fleet Platform. From managing your riders' Swap & Go access to tracking your fleet purchases and running costs.

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Kofa app technology

Our app technology puts actionable information and insights right at your fingertips through our mobile and web app


Kofa Energy Solutions & Applications

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