Pioneering Electric Motorcycles

Unlimited range powered by Kofa Swap & Go
Kofa batteries in a repetitive pattern

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Inspired by our experience and our trip to Bonwire, the traditional and celebrated home of kente weaving - this page captures kente’s historic origination and design process to the stories its intricate designs tell.

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Kofa Motorcycle

Kofa Motorcycle

Built to execute

A fully electric motorcycle using the latest technology to deliver top performance. Enjoy significant cost savings on fuel (up to 30%), low maintenance, zero engine vibration, zero noise pollution and zero emissions whilst riding.

Max. Range
Max Speed
Battery Swap

With Kofa's Swap & Go batteries and swap station network, you don't need to wait to charge; simply swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones in under 30 seconds.

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Energy On Demand

Our solution is made up of 3 key elements

The Kofa Motorcycle

Your clean, efficient, electric motorcycle.

The Kofa Swap & Go System

A subscription that allows you immediate access to a fully charged battery in just seconds via Kofa's distributed network of batteries and swap stations

The Kofa Platform

Allows you to track location, performance and energy costs of your motorcycles.

A big impact with every kilometre ridden.

Our mission is to ensure you never run out of charge, make significant cost savings, operate more safely and drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

About Kofa

Our System Has 3 Elements

Kofa Electric Motorcycle

Ride an estimated 100km between Kofa Swap Station visits or battery charges.

Kofa Swap & Go

The equivalent of re-fuelling. Visit any Kofa Swap Station. There will always be a fully charged battery when you need it.

Kofa Technology Platform

Mobile app and web platforms for fleets and riders included as standard

How we fuel your ride

Simply visit any Kofa Swap Station to conveniently swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones in seconds. Kofa monitors the network at all times to ensure constant availability of fully charged batteries at any swap station.

Business customers can have swap stations installed on-site for super efficient battery swapping and fleet management. Public Kofa Swap Stations coming 2022.

Rising fuel prices and a constant need to reconcile fuel costs can now be a thing of the past.

Kofa swap and go system in 3D model

Kofa Swap & Go

A subscription service giving you access to fully charged batteries, on demand, across the city.

Our battery advantage

Lithium Ion
  • Two Batteries Per Motorcycle
  • Ergonomically designed for easy handling
  • All battery maintenance, repairs and upgrades managed exclusively by Kofa

Kofa mobile app UI

Kofa Technology Platform

Our technology puts actionable information and insights right at your fingertips through our mobile and web app
  • Track motorcycle energy & running cost
  • Track rider performance & statistics
  • Track your motorcycle location at all times
  • Actively monitor Motorcycle range & battery state of charge