About Kofa

Redefining Access to energy

Kofa was established to re-engineer how people access energy. We are on a mission to create an affordable, sustainable and customer driven electricity network.

Starting with electric motorcycles, powered by our advanced battery network, we are transitioning mobility away from fossil fuels.

Alongside this, we will be opening up our battery network to support more of your energy needs, be it in your business operations or at home. 


Driving a greener Africa

At Kofa, we are intent on developing solutions that will have a significant and positive impact on the planet.  We hold ourselves accountable to this in all we do.

Africa has the opportunity to be both self sustainable and take the lead in green energy solutions and technology.

The technology we develop can be transformative for transport, energy, and climate change not only in Africa, but globally.

Founded in Ghana

Kofa was founded in Ghana and is headquartered in Accra.


Kofa [kɔ - fah]

Meaning "Go get it" in Twi, an Akan dialect in Ghana.

Kofa means "Go get it" and is derived from the Akan word 'Sankofa', meaning "Go back and get it".

A fitting name for our business; a team built of true Go Getters and a desire to learn from our past and design for the future.

We are concerned about the environmental challenges facing our planet. We believe African will be a leader in making the world better by re-engineering many of the legacy systems that support energy access, transportation and others.

We are emboldened by the opportunities in environmental sustainability, building green energy access and improving the health, wealth and happiness for everyone.

We will achieve this through our technology by working closely with our stakeholders, customers and communities.

Together. We Are Electric.

Our Team

A growing group of passionate people ready to deliver change
Andrew Honan
Board Member - Founding Team

Andrew holds an Honours Degree in Business Administration from Ivey Business School in Canada. He is a seasoned investor and business builder with 20 years of expertise in credit and private equity in the United States and Europe. He is passionate about driving sustainable growth and is helping steer Kofa's sustainable development, focused on helping the team put the infrastructure in place to allow Kofa to impact the most people possible.

Daniel Okyere
Sales and Marketing Manager

Daniel graduated from the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) with a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing. He has 12 years of Sales, Marketing Communications, and Business Development expertise. He serves as a building block for strengthening our brand equity and optimizing business growth. Daniel is passionate about the marginalized groups in our society and creating a safe environment for everyone.

Dela Kumahor
VP Product Development - Founding Team

Dela graduated from Politecnico di Milano with a Master of Science in Product Service System Design. He has 15 years of Product and Customer Experience. His talents and dedication at Kofa go beyond providing renewable energy to guaranteeing our clients' success with our products and services.

Erik Nygard
Founder & CEO

Erik graduated from Cass Business School with a Master of Science in Energy, Trade, and Finance. He has worked in the energy markets for over 14 years. Prior to founding Kofa, he developed and built Limejump, an energy technology firm that was bought by Shell in 2019. Erik's objective as a passionate advocate of promoting sustainability is to provide everyone with clean, affordable, and accessible energy.

Jeremiah Boateng
Back End Developer

Jeremiah earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Applied Electronics and Systems Engineering as a Valedictorian from Regent University College of Science and Technology. He is a passionate Web developer dedicated to using technology to solve African problems. Jeremiah has an enormous interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) and its endless possibility of creating high-tech lifestyles. At Kofa, he collaborates with other team members to design diverse applications that provide users with a seamless experience.

Muftawo Omar
Data Scientist

Muftawo is a decorated Data Scientist who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science from the University for Development Studies. He’s a machine learning enthusiast and has 2 years of experience in Data Science. At Kofa, Muftawo is focused on building data pipelines, data analysis, and building optimization models.

Reine Larbi-Tieku
Chief Financial Officer

Reine is an accomplished Chartered Management Accountant who has postgraduate certifications from the University of Leicester. She is also a member of Chartered Accountants (CA) Ghana with over 20 years of experience in Finance and Operations Management. She formerly led Finance and Supply Chain teams at major infrastructure corporations in Ghana. In October 2021, Reine was named the Exceptional Woman in Finance in Ghana at the maiden edition of the Instinct Women Awards.

Robert Nettey
VP Engineering

Robert graduated from Coventry University with a Master of Science in Information Technology for Management. He has worked in several domains of Information Communication Technology for over 19 years. He leads our battery network’s technology development and has an insatiable curiosity for cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence, looking for opportunities to solve everyday problems with them.

Stanley Awalime
Customer Support Operations

Stanley earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, Journalism, and Related Programs from the University of Cape Coast. He is a man of many talents and speaks English, Ewe, and Twi fluently. With three years of experience in Customer Experience Management, a desire to craft one-of-a-kind connections and an eye for detail, Stanley is eager to assist and serve customers throughout their journey with us.

Toby Mellor
VP Design - Founding Team

Toby holds a Master of Design degree in Automotive Design from Coventry University. Over the last 12 years, his ingenuity and passion for design have led him to construct production vehicles for industry giants as well as bespoke vehicles for private clients. He oversees Kofa's design department to guarantee that clients receive the most innovative and functional products possible.

Kofa team


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