Our batteries are built to power a host of applications - vehicles, power tools, appliances and more..

At Kofa, we pride ourselves on versatility and efficiency. Our batteries, crafted with precision, power everything from swift vehicles on highways to the essential tools shaping our world. They're also the silent heroes behind countless everyday appliances, ensuring seamless operation. As we continue to redefine energy solutions, we're always eager to explore new horizons. If you see the potential of Kofa batteries, we're here, innovating for a brighter, more connected future.

Applications for your Kofa swappable and portable batteries.

Designed with cost-saving, functionality and sustainability at their core, applications powered by Kofa batteries have been created to empower your world and protect it. Follow the links below to explore the variety of applications using Kofa batteries.

Powered by Kofa

For Electric Mobility

Kore2 batteries and TAILG Jidi motorcycle coming soon

For Off-Grid & Backup Power

Kofa Energy Solutions & Applications

Discover solutions to enable on-demand, accessable energy, for everyone.