The Kore1 battery

by Kofa

1,856.4 kWh

Batteries must be handled to avoid any short circuiting which can lead to over heating and explosions and can pose a serious health and safety risk. Each battery is 60V 30Ah using Lithium Ion NMC cells. In order to mitigate these risk please be aware of the points below and handle the battery with care.

It is strictly forbidden to do any of the following:

  1. Do not keep or store the Kofa batteries in a hot place or expose the batteries to direct sunlight for more than 30 minutes
  2. Do not use the Kofa batteries for any purposes not approved by Kofa
  3. Do not use metal objects to contact or short circuit the plug of the battery
  4. Do not put the batteries into fire, into heat or into water
  5. Do not attempt to cool down the batteries 
  6. Do not knock or shake the batteries
  7. Do not attempt to dismantle, disassemble or destroy the battery
  8. Do not change the appearance and structure of the Kofa batteries
  9. Do not to use any solvents or chemicals on the Kofa batteries
  10. Do not store or stack anything in the space under the Kofa battery handle
  11. Do not temporarily or permanently change the appearance of the Kofa battery in any way, including but not limited to pasting stickers, painting or laser engraving.
  12. Do not charge and discharge the Kofa battery by using methods not officially approved by Kofa.
  13. Do not discard the Kofa battery

The battery should be strictly handled in the below manner:

  1. Keep the plug port of the battery clean and free from foreign objects
  2. The Kofa batteries should be stored in an upright manner.
  3. If the Kofa battery fails, please contact Kofa for assistance.
  4. Each Kofa battery weighs around 14 kg, hence please handle with care
  5. If there are any abnormalities such as leakage, damage or deformation of the Kofa battery in any instance, please immediately stop using it and contact Kofa.
  6. If there are any abnormalities such as such as leakage, damage or deformation of the Kofa battery whilst in the motorcycle, immediately turn the motor off and lock it, then contact Kofa for assistance

Kofa may update or modify the battery storage rules at any time, and will notify the user via their primary contact