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How do I Pay?

Our model gets you on the road with three simple payment components

Motorcycle (One-Time Purchase)

Own your Kofa bike outright

Swap & Go (Monthly Subscription) *

Unlimited range with battery swapping

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Refundable Deposit

For access to batteries, returned when contract ends

  • Two Kofa batteries (up to 80km of range)
  • Swap & Go unlimited range
  • Ability to recharge at any electrical outlet
  • Fleet software platform
  • Rider mobile app
  • 12 months contract
  • Limited warranty
  • 6 months of free maintenance

* Estimated energy cost payable to ECG in addition to our subscription: GHS 0.04/km


Frequently asked questions

1. What will it cost?

Depending on your requirements and usage, costs will vary, however we are pricing our motorcycles competitively and are finding cost savings of up to 30% compared with petrol costs. Contact us directly for more information on costs.

2. How long does it take to charge?  

With access to Kofa Swap & Go swap stations you can swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones in just a few seconds. If you wanted to charge the batteries at home, it takes approximately 4-5 hours to fully charge from a wall plug outlet.

3. What is the maximum range on a single charge?

The maximum range of a motorcycle with 2 fully charged batteries is up to 80km or 40km per battery. Riding style could make this longer or shorter.

4. What happens when a rider runs out of battery while on a trip?

If you see your range get low, drop in at any Kofa swap station and swap your batteries for fully charged ones in seconds. If you are not near a swap station, you can charge at any location with access to wall sockets to charge your battery with the charger provided. Alternatively, you can request support from us directly.

5. What are the usual damages that could occur?

The usual damages that are expected on the Kofa motorcycle are general wear and tear on parts such as tyres, brake pads, brake cables, chain and sprocket and battery degradation

6. How accessible are the spare parts?

Majority of the parts and accessories are readily available on the local market. However, all bike parts and accessories can be acquired from us directly.

2. The Rental Model Option

Get going with even less money upfront

Also get access to battery network with swaps

Swap & Go + Motorcycle

One all-inclusive monthly fee gives you everything you need


per month

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Refundable Deposit
  • 1x Kofa Motorcycle
  • Two Kofa batteries (120km+ of range)
  • Swap & Go unlimited range
  • Ability to recharge at any electrical outlet
  • Fleet software platform
  • Rider mobile app
  • 24 month contract:
    Purchase motorcycle after contract tenure at discounted rate
  • Limited warranty
  • No free maintenance


For a limited time, we are offering fleet business customers looking to buy more than 5 motorcycles the opportunity to Pre-Order with significant incentives 

All pre-sales come with a 20% discount, a free helmet for each motorcycle purchased, a 150,000 KM warranty and 12 months of free maintenance.

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